What do we do?

Ceapire offers you:

Training programs

Our trainings have been organised for more than 10 000 professionals of every branch in the Benelux. Our training programs, workshops and courses are adapted to every customer and trainee. Ceapire offers the following training programs, workshops and courses:

  • Islam and Islamism
    • Islam, culture & conflict management
    • Contact with Muslim youngsters
  • Islam & jihadism
    • Extremist movements and terrorist groups
    • Jihad in the past and in the present
    • The influence of Political Islam in Europe
  • DERAD: detection & signalling
    • Recruitment tactics: how do recruiters work and how to recognise them
    • Analysis of propaganda
    • Techniques of prevention & intervention

Ceapire can adapt every training program, workshop and/or course to the needs of the customer.

R3 intervention

People who have been, are or were radicalised require intensive guidance. Traditional social methodologies do not have the desired effect on this group of people. The danger of a repeat, a collapse and hard-heartedness are very real when they are not properly guided during the detention period.
Radicalised people step away from the dangerous ideas and activist programs without giving up their faith. We use an R3 intervention methodology that was designed by Ceapire (physical and socio-psychological guidance for people who have been, are or were radicalised). We conduct these interventions within a theological framework using theological arguments.

Working area

Ceapire is mainly active in the central European region, the Benelux, with a main focus on Belgium and the Netherlands. Ceapire does not limit its workings to this region. We are also involved in the global discussion of social problems.